Trader Account Funding Program

Trader Funding Program


Funding for traders by traders!

Why we are traders #1 choice!

No Challenge or Trial Required

We are the only funding program where no challenge and no demo trial is necessary to be funded.

No Monthly Payments

Unlike so many other funding programs, we do not require any monthly payments to keep your funds.

No Brokers or 3rd Parties

We are not affiliated with any brokers and you will never have to register for any 3rd party platform.

No "KYC" or document upload

We do not require any identity verification or “KYC” , all payouts are via Bitcoin. 

Higher chance to be funded

Every participant has a chance to be funded, no matter their skill level.

Less Limitations

We do not limit our traders by any specific broker or trading symbols / markets.

No profit splitting

If chosen you are guaranteed 100% of the funding. You can deposit the funds via Bitcoin into your broker of choice.

Choose your funding probability

We are the ONLY funding program that allows traders to choose their probability of being funded.

Official Launch









For the official launch will be giving away $300 in Bitcoin which can be used to fund your account or participate in larger future account fundings!

How it works

Our unique funding process is very simple, you purchase an entry opportunity to be funded with an account size you choose.

The entire program works within the application “Telegram” , no 3rd parties or brokers are involved. No “KYC” or document upload necessary. 

All deposits and withdrawals are made via Bitcoin. If you wish to purchase Bitcoin to get started we suggest using 

Video Tutorials

How to deposit

How to participate

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

All withdrawals are processed the same day. If you were chosen to be funded you can withdrawal the funds to your personal wallet the same day.

Deposits take anywhere from 10 mins to 2+ hours to be confirmed by the blockchain and reflected to your balance. Click the button "Balance" in your platform to view your account balances.

No, your deposits are considered credits and are used to purchase entry opportunities at being funded. 

No, there is NO limit to the funding entries a person may attain. (Unless all the entries have already been attained by other participants)

Each entry gives you a better possibility to be funded.