Hegelian Dialectic & The Trending Forex Market

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Lawrence @ South Africa

This is a powerful information. I spent the whole of December last year learning the forexia trading technique. In January this year 2020 I put it to test. I started trading with $20 and raised it to $637 in just two weeks. I was using higher lot sizes though….I can’t wait to reach the amount equivalent to your tuition fee so that I become forexia graduate officially. Keep up the Good work #Forexia

All I can say is brother Dylan is a awesome teacher…Im a noob and learned alot from other traders but what brother Dylan teaches and how he teaches is what separates him from the others that I have learned from because the day he taught me the signature trade and I back tested it on a demo account it was pips galore…and now im opening a live account…..I appreciate you brother Dylan….thanx


All i can say is thank you so much man for opening our eyes, May God bless you many more times as you are blessed

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