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Dylan Shilts


Dylan Is The Founder Of Forex Investors Alliance. Creator Of The #SignatureTrade Strategy And Author Of The Book, "The Way Of The Superior Trader" . Dylan Has A Great Understanding Of Human Psychology As The Methodology Of His Strategy Is Based Off Understanding The How To Reverse Engineer Retail Trading Strategies And Mindsets In Order To See A Greater Representation Of How The Markets Function.

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Each week our mentors add new content to our blog, where you can find latest market analysis and exclusive Forexia strategies.


An artist, entrepreneur, trading coach, Elwin Clarence Coleman was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1986. Now residing in Southern California, Elwin spends his days trading, and his nights creating art.


Mark English is a master at institutional Trap Psychology in the Forex Market. He teaches you how to speculate what the retail herd would be doing on a specific currency. His motto is ‘always go against the crowd’. Mark English also teaches various meditations that help to cleanse and stabilize emotions in the art of making decisions involving risk.

Golden Pips

I'm known as Mr GPG and My mission is to help retail traders to identify those traps so they are able to be on the winning side of these trades using the market hacks and methods I developed and created. Using these techniques, I am able to identify the main moves of the market before they happen.


Trader, jeweler in training... Car enthusiast... Loves helping people to fault... From the hot Caribbean twin Island of Trinidad and Tobago..