My analysis & price projection for GOLD June 18th, 2024

My analysis & price projection for GOLD – June 18th, 2024

GOLD (XAUUSD) Price Projection - June 18th (+150 PIPS)

Above you can find my analysis and price projection of XAUUSD aka GOLD. 

We can see an overall macro uptrend on this pair over the past week and a half. The first half of the week looks like a micro downtrend forming Sun/Mon & Tue inside the overall macro uptrend. In my opinion this micro trend beginning of this week was an induction to get traders to sell. 

Now come mid week I expect a change in the overall micro trend. I believe the macro trend will start to take over and we will see the price of Gold start pushing up past the high of the week and potentially past the high of the previous week. 

After the spike to the highs I expect a retracement and a new low of the day to be set. 

After this new low of the day has been set I think we will see nothing but blue skies an new highs on Gold. 

This is my overall analysis and price projection for Gold this week. If you enjoyed and would like to see more be sure to give this post a like!

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Our analysis on GOLD has been spot on with 2 out of 3 of our TP levels being smashed in a matter of a few days. Everything played out as expected for this pair and all of the students of our VIP group were able to bag a few hundred pips from this epic trade!!

Dylan Forexia
Dylan Forexia

As a professional Forex trader with over 8 years of experience and having taught over 20,000 students, I have successfully helped secure a total of $50,000,000 in funding from proprietary firms through our educational programs.

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