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Forexia Latino

Comunidad de Traders que hablan español, recursos y mas.

Ekata Trading

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Golden Pips

Gold Pips Community by Hooman.


Evolution of Dumb Money is a trading educational service that teaches the retail trader how to trade as an institution. Institutional traders focus on liquidity, order flow and have a deeper speculation into how Banks Manipulate the market and trap traders constantly using various psychological levels of human expectation. The Market makers use 14 mainstream market structures to trap retail traders in the opposite direction... a classic strategy for Elite Traders to fill large institutional orders.

WinLife Trading

Winlife Trading is an organization that focuses on impoving the pyschology. of its' students. At Winlife we view the market as a reflection of the self. We believe that a positive mindset leads to a winning lifestyle.

FXLinq Tool

FXLinq is a tool created for traders by traders that wish to host multiple links in one link. 100% compatible with