Beginner Forex Course

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  • Successfully analyze the Forex market using technical analysis.
  • Understand Forex Terminology, like ask, bid, spread, margin etc.
  • A full and complete understanding of what Forex trading is, how it works, how to profit from it and how to manage your risk.



Forex 101 -The Very Basics by Elwin

PT1 – Terminology

What is Forex?
What is a PIP?
What are Lot Sizes?
What are Currency Pairs?
What is the BID / ASK?
What is the Spread?
What is Leverage?
What is Margin?
What is a Swap?
What are the main Trading Sessions?

PT 2 – 

Types of different Analysis
Technical / Fundamental
News Events
Types of Pending Orders
Market Orders
Trailing Stoploss
Account Types

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