Prop Firm Challenge Fast Pass

Prop Firm Challenge Fast Pass

Prop Firm Challenge Fast Pass

What is a  prop firm challenge?

A prop firm challenge, also known as a proprietary trading challenge, is like a special test for forex traders. Imagine you're a skilled gamer who wants to join a professional gaming team. The team gives you a challenge to see how well you play and if you're a good fit for their team.

In the world of forex trading, a prop firm (short for proprietary trading firm) is a professional trading firm that gives traders the chance to trade with the firm's money instead of their own. To make sure they choose the best traders, prop firms create challenges. These challenges test how well traders can make smart decisions and earn profits using the firm's money.

Here's the cool part: If you pass the challenge, the prop firm gives you the trading capital to trade with. 

You get to use their money, and you keep a big portion of the profits you make – usually between 80% to 90%! And here's the best part: The prop firm takes care of any trading losses. So, if things don't go well, you won't lose your own money.

Now, here's the tricky part: The main problem is that these challenges are really tough. 

In fact, around 95% or even more of traders fail to pass the challenges made by prop firms. 

During a prop firm challenge, traders are given certain rules to follow. They need to show that they can trade wisely, manage risks, and make profits. If a trader does well and meets the challenge's requirements, they might get a chance trade the prop firm capital. This can be a great opportunity for traders to trade with more money.

So, think of a prop firm challenge as a way for forex traders to prove their skills and potentially start trading with a boost from the firm's resources.

Passing your prop firm challenge isn't a gamble anymore.

In order to "pass" the challenge and get funded, you must make 10% profit during the first challenge phase, without going into any more than 5% overall drawdown on the account. 

Then, the second phase has a 5% profit target and overall daily max drawdown of 5%. 

If you achieve these targets and abide by the rules, the prop firm will fund you with a trading account up to $200,000.

I will pass your prop firm challenge with a 100% guarantee.

I have helped my students secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading capital and I guarantee I can help you do the same!

Here are some of the recent accounts I have passed for clients:

To view all the different clients and most up to date accounts which have been passed visit the following link:

If you would like us to get you funded with up to $200,000 in trading capital, follow the link:

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Dylan Forexia
Dylan Forexia

As a professional Forex trader with over 8 years of experience and having taught over 20,000 students, I have successfully helped secure a total of $50,000,000 in funding from proprietary firms through our educational programs.

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Gary Roberts

Hi Dylan & Co just been looking at your fast pass and the fact it’s your bot doing the trading, I’m interested in both but try to click on the link to purchase the bot and it’s a dead end

Yes, correct, I programmed a robot to trade along side me. That’s how I can pass the challenges so fast.

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