Restore Past Purchases.

Step 1: Locate Your Purchase Receipt

• Begin by locating the receipt or proof of purchase for the specific item(s) you want to restore. The receipt should contain details such as the date of purchase, the purchased item, and the transaction ID.

Step 2: Re-Register on

• If you have not re-registered on, kindly do so. Even if you previously had signed up, you will need to sign up once again as our user database was corrupted.

Step 3: Contact Official Support Agent

• Send a message to our support agent titled "Request for Purchase Restoration" at

Attach the following data to your message: 

• Your Name (as registered on

• Email Address (used for registration on

• A brief description of your request, stating that you'd like to restore your past purchase(s).

• Attach the purchase receipt(s) to the message.

• Once your message is complete and the necessary receipts are attached, kindly send it to our official support agent.

Step 4: Allow Time for Restoration

 • Please have patience and allow our support agent sufficient time to process your request. The time required for restoration may vary depending on the volume of requests and complexity of the purchases.