Top Solana Meme Coins

Top Solana Meme Coins

Top 7 Solana Meme Coins

Here is my pick for the Top 7 Solana Meme coins for the upcoming bull run. The following coins are in no specific order and this should not be considered financial advice. 

The following coins have larger market caps and have been around for a good amount of time.

Below is my list of Top Solana Meme Coins:

#1 - Pepe on Fire

Pepe on Fire is in my list of top Solana meme coin for good reason. This coin has an epic team that is extremely dedicated. 

Pepe on Fire is the first ever hyper deflationary Pepe Meme coin on Solana. Very few meme coins on Solana have transfer taxes. This is what makes Pepe on Fire unique to all the other memes on Solana. The transfer tax is 5% and is divided and used as detailed below.

3% (3/5th) of the collected PFIRE tokens is sent to the BURN wallet:

BURNVAWqi6wZNNbGqxbhS4nt6XqKyg3PfrNBmuhsqYXt . The BURN wallet automatically burns tokens each time it reaches a certain amount of PFIRE tokens, currently the amount is set at 5 Billion tokens. The burns happen verifiably on the Solana chain using Token Extensions.

• 2% (2/5th) of the collected PFIRE tokens is sent to the PFire wallet: UBMMHb4oub8dh9oDGtmH64qSkM55Hh3iXSYewrPFire . The PFire wallet is the swap wallet which swaps the fees from PFIRE to SOL, and further distributes the SOL to several wallets for Marketing & Operations.

The hyper deflationary nature of this coin makes it more valuable over time as the supply decreases. A continuous marketing budget is made available from the transfer tax. This allows the team to have marketing funds available without the need to dump any tokens. This method for developing a coin is much more sustainable in the long term.

I have published a detailed YouTube video with much more information regarding Pepe on Fire. Feel free to check it out below or using this link here!


Pepe on Fire Analysis & Price Projection

Above is my analysis and price projection of Pepe on Fire. The analysis is quite simple only using a trend line and fib retracement level.

I use the fib retracement as a tool to help understand where we are in the overall cycle. Once I see price at or breaking past the 0.786 fib level there is a good chance the coin is going to reverse and continue the cycle. This is only possible if a coin has a good community and marketing. This is what makes a coin survive multiple cycles. I will highlight examples of these cycles in the coin Ponke when we get to coin #3.

#2 - Reward Protocol

Reward Protocol is a unique platform that integrates both Hold to Earn (H2E) and Hold to Win (H2W) systems. By holding their tokens users not only earn reflections but they also get a chance to win a daily jackpot. This innovative approach aims to enhance the value and excitement of the token utility.

The team behind Reward Protocol has over a decade of professional experience in digital marketing. They plan to leverage this expertise to reach out to the Solana-based decentralized crypto ecosystem. Their marketing strategy includes user-generated content and growth marketing techniques to create a viral effect.

The tokenomics of Reward Protocol involves a 9% fee on all transfers. Out of this, 3% is redistributed to token holders, 3% goes into the jackpot, and the remaining 3% is allocated for server running costs, development, and marketing.

The platform is designed to automatically redistribute a portion of the transaction fees collected, enhancing the return on investment for token holders. The more tokens a user holds, the higher their chances of winning the daily jackpot.

Reward Protocol is the first platform to integrate H2E and H2W on the Solana blockchain, aiming to provide a unique and lucrative investment opportunity for its users.

CA: 2eu1K3wvfPC7gVj1CK8ohv4ggusdN6qxyxpjHyTCkjZT

Reward Protocol Analysis & Price Projection

Above you can see my analysis and price projection of Reward Protocol. A similar setup to Pepe on Fire where we see price at or below our fib retracement level.

In my opinion Reward Protocol is due for a pump any day now!

#3 - Ponke

Ponke is in my Top 7 Solana Meme Coins list gaining significant attention and popularity due to its exceptional marketing strategies.

Here's an overview of the coin and its marketing tactics:

Ponke's branding revolves around the character Ponke, a "degenerate gambler with anger issues," which adds a humorous and relatable element to the coin.
The marketing strategies employed by Ponke have been particularly effective, contributing to its success in the crypto market:
  1. Community Building: Ponke has built a vibrant and engaged community around the coin. This community actively participates in discussions, shares memes, and promotes the coin on social media platforms. The community's enthusiasm and loyalty have been instrumental in spreading the word about Ponke.
  2. Humorous Branding: Ponke's branding is designed to be humorous and entertaining. The character Ponke is portrayed as a relatable figure, which helps to create a strong emotional connection with the audience. This humorous branding has made Ponke stand out in the crowded meme coin market.
  3. Viral Marketing: Ponke has leveraged the power of viral marketing to increase its visibility. The team behind Ponke has created a series of humorous and engaging memes, which have been widely shared on social media platforms. These memes often feature the Ponke character in various relatable situations, which has helped to create a strong brand identity.
  4. Influencer Partnerships: Ponke has partnered with several influencers in the crypto and meme communities. These influencers have helped to promote Ponke to their followers, increasing the coin's reach and visibility.
  5. Interactive Campaigns: Ponke has launched several interactive campaigns to engage with its community. These campaigns often involve challenges, giveaways, and other interactive activities, which help to keep the community engaged and excited about the coin.

CA: 5z3EqYQo9HiCEs3R84RCDMu2n7anpDMxRhdK8PSWmrRC

Ponke Analysis & Price Projection

Above is my analysis of Ponke. In my opinion we are due for a retracement on this coin to between 0.618 and 0.786 levels before we see another bull cycle. 

I will use Ponke price action to explain these cycles. Below I have highlighted the Ponke chart with 5 cycles or waves. These are natural price movements that occur over due to mass human psychology. 

Above is a screenshot of Ponke on the daily timeframe. Here we can see clearly the 5 waves or cycles that this coin has gone through.

Each cycle making higher highs and higher lows, the characteristic of an uptrend.

Wave 6 is the next cycle and I think there may be a retirement of this 5th wave before we see the higher high get established. 

#4 - Daddy (Top Solana Meme Coins)

Daddy Meme Coin ($DADDY) is a meme coin that gained significant attention due to its association with and backing by influencer Andrew Tate. The coin's value surged following Tate's public endorsement on his social media platform.

Andrew Tate's involvement in the Daddy Meme Coin has been a significant factor in its rise and subsequent fluctuations in value. 

In combination with Andrew Tates ego and his reputation being on the line, I think this coin has major potential to reach $1b market cap.


Daddy Analysis & Price Projection

#5 - Mother

Mother Meme Coin ($MOTHER) is a meme coin launched by Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. The coin, which features a "mommy vibe" and references to Azalea's assets, has seen significant attention and growth.

Azalea has integrated the coin into her business endeavors, with her telecommunications company Unreal Mobile accepting MOTHER and Solana (SOL) for purchasing phones and monthly cell plans.

I believe this coin is here to stay and continue onto new highs.

CA: 3S8qX1MsMqRbiwKg2cQyx7nis1oHMgaCuc9c4VfvVdPN

Mother Analysis & Price Projection

CA: 3S8qX1MsMqRbiwKg2cQyx7nis1oHMgaCuc9c4VfvVdPN

#6 - Wolf (Top Solana Meme Coins)

Landwolf ($WOLF) is a meme coin on Solana that has gained significant attention and popularity since its launch. It's part of the "Boys Club" series of meme coins, which includes other popular tokens like $PEPE and $BRETT. The coin is based on the character "Landwolf" from Matt Furie's "Boys Club" comic series, which also inspired the popular $PEPE coin.

Landwolf has seen rapid growth and adoption since its launch, with a market capitalization of over $182 million at its peak. The coin's popularity can be attributed to its association with the Boys Club series and its strong community support. The coin has been listed on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase.
Here are the top 5 reasons people are bullish for $WOLF:

  1. Strong Community Support: The $WOLF token has garnered significant attention and support from a growing community of investors and enthusiasts. This strong community backing is a key factor driving its bullish sentiment.
  2. Fast Growth: $WOLF has shown rapid growth in terms of market capitalization and holder count, reflecting its increasing popularity and adoption. This growth trajectory is often seen as a bullish signal by investors.
  3. Solana Ecosystem: As a Solana-based token, $WOLF benefits from the overall bullish sentiment around the Solana ecosystem. Solana's scalability and low transaction fees make it an attractive platform for meme coins like $WOLF.
  4. Celebrity and Influencer Backing: The $WOLF token has received backing from celebrities and influencers, which can significantly boost its visibility and credibility. This kind of endorsement often leads to increased interest and investment in the token.
  5. Potential for High Returns: Meme coins like $WOLF are known for their potential for high returns, especially during bullish market conditions. This potential for significant gains is a major reason why many investors are bullish on $WOLF.

CA: Faf89929Ni9fbg4gmVZTca7eW6NFg877Jqn6MizT3Gvw

Wolf Analysis & Price Projection

#7 - FIW (Top Solana Meme Coins)

FIW is the final coin in my Top 7 Solana Meme Coin list, short for 777FuckIlluminatiWorldwide, is a meme coin on the Solana blockchain that has gained significant attention recently.

It is also known as $FIW and has a unique origin story that started as an Easter egg created by the developer of another Solana-based token, $WIF.

The narrative behind $FIW has evolved to symbolize the fight against evil corporations and the struggle between the system and the "degen".


FIW Analysis & Price Projection (Top Solana Meme Coins)

In my opinion this coin is extremely over sold and now is a perfect time for entry. The coin is experiencing a 90% retracement and I believe this is the turning point. We could see a 10x or more in a short time from now. 

Why these coins are my Top 7 solana meme coins

In conclusion, these coins are in my Top 7 Solana meme coin list because they have either been tested by time and have a larger market cap or because they have a trusted dev team behind them.

I am confident these coins will do very well during the next bull run. I believe they have the potential to 10X to 100X or more and now is the time to be scaling into these gems! DCA is your friend!

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