USDJPY Analysis & Price Projection for July

USDJPY Analysis & Price Projection for July

USDJPY - Analysis & Price Projection for July 3rd, 2024

After making my analysis on USDJPY it became clear that the current market structure is trapping buyers.

USDJPY has most likely made the high of the week already and I do not expect it to be broken.

The high could be retested but in my opinion I think we are all downhill from here.

My analysis shows my price projection and mark up, it also contains some infographics from our instagram page that help to identify the structure of the market.

Overall, I think USDJPY will start to push down hard come London / NY session.

Here is a direct link to view a direct link to my TradingView analysis:

USDJPY - Analysis & Price Projection for July 3rd, 2024

My USDJPY Analysis & Price projection is based off multiple confirmations in structure which I have tried to detail using the infographic examples we have posted to our Instagram account over the years. 

As you can see on the chart I have posted these infographics and also arrows directing attention to the corresponding market structure on USDJPY pair.

If you look at USDJPY on the daily timeframe you will see price is in an obvious and steep uptrend. It is in my opinion that this pair is due for a pull back, retracement or full on trend reversal. 

Thank you for reading.


Dylan Forexia
Dylan Forexia

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