The Window of Tolerance in relation to Forex Psychology

The Window of Tolerance in relation to Forex Psychology

The "Window of Tolerance" in relation to Forex Trading Psychology.

Window of Tolerance Forex Psychology

The Window of Tolerance is a psychological concept that describes the optimal zone of arousal where a person is able to function most effectively. 

It's where stress levels are manageable, and a person is able to remain calm and engaged. When stress levels become too high or too low, a person can move out of this window and into states of hyperarousal (too much stress) or hypoarousal (too little stress).

Relating this concept to the Forex market, we can think of the Asian session as the market's "Window of Tolerance."

Window of Tolerance Forex

It is typically the least volatile ranging session, which can be likened to a state where traders are calm and can make reasoned decisions without the pressure of extreme volatility.

On the other hand, the London and New York sessions are known for their higher volatility due to the significant overlap in business hours which leads to increased trading activity and thus more manipulation by the bigger players.

These sessions can push traders out of their 'Window of Tolerance' into a state of 'hyperarousal' where the heightened activity can lead to stress and emotional trading decisions.

Like the psychological response, traders can become overstimulated by the market's rapid movements, leading to fight (aggressive trading) or flight (avoiding trading or exiting positions prematurely) responses.

The function of Asian session consolidation phase is to deliberately construct a window of tolerance in which the majority of traders will be placing their trades. This sets the stage for London & NY Session to evoke an emotional response due to hyperarousal.

This is when the induction occurs and the masses are manipulated via an emotional response which is caused by a "breakout" of the pre-defined window of tolerance.

Nothing is random. 💸

Understanding mass psychology is the closest you will get to the holy grail in trading.

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